How Lake House Creations Began...
Lake House Creations was born about the same time as my daughter.  I had always wanted to do
something using my computer and design skills, but ended up in the banking industry instead.  Once my
daughter was born, I began looking for a way to stay home.  I started making up sample notecards and
address labels and mailing them to everyone I knew.  The samples were well-received, and I soon had a
small but steady flow of orders.  

Several months later, I was laid off from my full-time job and realized that God was providing me with the
perfect opportunity to both spend more time at home with my daughter and to turn my hobby into a true
home business.  Lake House Creations became officially open for business in October 2008.
What is Lake House Creations?
What products are offered?
Lake House Creations is the name of my home business.  Having spent much time throughout high school
designing playbills for the Drama Department, menus for local eateries, fliers and brochures for local
organizations and school programs, and certificates and awards for various projects, I decided to put my
skills to good use.  I now offer a variety of design and print services.  I always offer personalized and
custom-designed notecards, address labels, greeting cards, and other stationery items.  Seasonally I have
other products to offer as well, such as treat bags, candy bar wrappers, calendars, and other items.  In
addition, I love to take on special projects like weddings, graduations, births, and marketing ventures.
Greeting Cards
Return Address Labels
Invitations and Announcements
Thank You Cards
Fliers, Brochures and Pamphlets
Business Cards
Treat Bags
Candy Bar Wrappers
Various other items
Custom Print & Stationery Items